The FCTC is arguably the most comprehensive global tool against the devastating health effects of smoking and is now ratified by 180 Nation States.

This post deals with Harm Reduction, a pretty intuitive and simple concept practiced and accepted almost universally.

The FCTC (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control) belongs to the body of what is commonly referred to as International Law, in effect to a large extent binding for the ratifying states to the convention.

Is it ok to secretly and surgically remove from practice, a crucial passage found in this piece of International Law, because you don’t like it, and then just carry on as if nothing has happened. No consultations, no democracy, nothing?

Is it then ok, adding insult to injury, to accuse anyone who dares point out this totally obvious discrepancy, of being evil, murderous, unethical profiteer from children getting addicted, and in clear breach and violation of…

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