Briefing Op Ed: Should the Feds Shoulder Some of the Blame for Low Digital Music Royalties?

The Trichordist

Lowery briefing screen capture

I have an exclusive op ed at Briefing this morning.  It’s making waves.

“If you step back from the debate about whether Spotify or Pandora pay fairly and look at the big picture, something very ugly becomes apparent: The playing field is not even at all. The federal government protects the corporate broadcasters, technology firms and digital services from market forces when it comes to paying artists. But when it comes to ad supported piracy and “user generated content” the federal government sits on its hands, refuses to enforce performers’ legitimate property rights, and in effect provides another subsidy to many of these same companies. Constitutional scholars might term this a “taking.” For this reason I say much of the blame for low pay to artists in the digital realm stems from gross mismanagement by the federal government.

Full piece here:

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