Questions for the International Music Managers Forum

The Trichordist

Billboard reports that the International Music Managers Forum has more than the usual helping of sanctimony about the terms of Spotify’s deal with Sony (and by inference all other major labels).  Curiously, Billboard doesn’t seem to question the credentials of managers to speak on behalf of all artists.  We do.

Ask yourself this–how many managers have screwed artists to the wall?  Want to talk about sunset clauses?  Commissioning income the manager had nothing to do with producing?  Expense charges for first class tickets to MIDEM and $1000 dinners that suddenly appear when the artist wants to leave the manager?  Charging cars for the manager’s mistress to the artist’s credit card so the wife doesn’t catch him?  Sure, there are plenty of great managers who would take a bullet for their artists or dangle an offending promoter out of a window, but let’s not pretend that managers as a class are…

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