Stockholm Syndrome: Do DC and LA Insiders Really Think Artists Need to Demonstrate They Can Work With Google?

The Trichordist

We’ve now heard this rumor from multiple sources and we believe it to be accurate:

There is an idea going around in Washington DC (and LA) that somehow “the music industry” (whoever that is) needs to find a project to work on with Google to show congress that we can all get along.


This is an idea that manages to be both hysterically funny (as a joke) and highly offensive (wait, you’re serious!?) at the same time.  It’s not like we performers and songwriters  are remotely capable of doing anything to a company with a market cap of $360 billion.  Especially Google which  seems to enjoy the complete political protection of the executive branch. Nor have we performers ever done anything to Google. Quite the opposite, any rational and sensible person would look at this situation and reasonably conclude that it is the performers and songwriters that are abused…

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