More on “public health” and the mirror image delusion (California War on Ecigs edition)

Anti-THR Lies and related topics

by Carl V Phillips

I have previous writtenabout the dominance of the mirror image delusion among “public health” types, including tobacco control. It refers to the tendency of non-insightful people to think that whoever is across the table from them is fundamentally just like them. This is, for example, what leads them to make absurd assertions like drinking soda or tobacco use has no benefits. They personally don’t care for it and cannot understand how anyone can be any different from them. Recognizing the mirror image delusion in someone offers some useful insight: When they accuse others of something, it tells you they themselves are guilty of it or realize they would be guilty of if offered the opportunity. So liars assume that others are lying, someone who is inclined to have an affair will suspect their partner of having an affair, etc.

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