What is peer review really? (part 7 – an amusing aside)

Anti-THR Lies and related topics

by Carl V Phillips

A couple of weeks ago, a funny story came out about a peer-reviewed journal accepting a “paper” which consists of nothing but the message (in the title, repeated in the text for pages, and in two figures), “Get me off your fucking mailing list”, laid out in the format of a research paper. The authors had created this to reply to the plethora of spam that scholars get, inviting them to submit papers, attend conferences, etc., and had been using it for a few years. So imagine their surprise when, after sending it in response to journal spam, they got the reply that it had been accepted for publication after it was favorably “peer-reviewed”. They merely needed to pay the $150 publication fee. (The rest of us were shocked that they apparently decided to not pay the fee and get the paper published. I mean, come on, how…

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